When to do a pregnancy test

For every woman, the time comes when she thinks about the need to use a pregnancy test, for some it is a multiple procedure. At this exciting moment, women have a lot of questions, namely: when to do a pregnancy test, how to choose a reliable test, which of the various pharmacy products for determining pregnancy is the most accurate .   

It is necessary that the pregnancy test be extremely accurate. And this depends, first of all, on the degree of sensitivity of the “device”.

What is a pregnancy test?

The tests we are talking about respond to specific hormones in a woman’s blood. Human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG hormone is the main element for the placenta, which can be detected in the blood no less than a week and not earlier than 10 days after ovulation. An increase in its amount begins as a result of implantation of the embryo into the uterus. After the hormone appears in the urine of a pregnant woman, and its level gradually increases – more than twice in 2 days.

In order for a pregnancy test with a sensitivity of 25mUI to show the correct result, it is necessary to wait after ovulation for 11 days when the level of hCG hormone passes the line of 25 mUI. Still conduct a test 15 days after ovulation and wait for the onset of menstruation delay. At this time, the device can, with a high degree of probability, recognize the presence of “pregnancy hormone” in the urine (blood).  

What causes errors? The inaccuracy of a pregnancy test does not always depend on the poor quality of the product. Very often, women simply misuse the drug, which is why the “errors” of the definition arise. Errors can occur due to the following factors:

– little time has passed from the time of probable fertilization, and the level of hCG, respectively, is low;

– the expiration date of the test is out;

– the test was not conducted according to the rules;

– the concentration of hormones in the urine is reduced due to the large amount of fluid drunk;

– when taking injectable infertility drugs that already contain the hCG hormone;

– with tumors, especially malignant;

– after a miscarriage or premature birth, when particles of the ovum can remain in the uterus.

When to do a pregnancy test, it is very difficult to determine exactly, but it is better to conduct it when the body has the highest concentration of hCG hormone in the urine. It is considered the largest in the morning, although there are types of modern tests that can be used at any time of the day. The lower threshold of their sensitivity is 10 mUI, which makes it possible to carry out the procedure within one week after the proposed conception. 

Types of Pregnancy Tests

There are several options for pregnancy tests. It is difficult to say which is the most suitable and best test for determining pregnancy , since it all depends on the individual characteristics of the woman’s body. This or that test for some may be the most accurate and it may also show erroneous results for others.  

The simplest option is a stirp test or test strip, which is lowered for 10 seconds in morning urine to the mark indicated on the device. The result will appear after a few seconds, as soon as you remove the sticker from the urine. A positive result – two strips, one – you are not pregnant!

The tablet pregnancy test has the same test strip hidden in a plastic box with a hole. It is necessary to drip a small amount of urine into it with a special pipette, which is offered to the device. Inside, the result will appear, as in the previous strip test.  

The jet test is carried out at any time convenient for a woman, while it must be directed under a stream of urine. The result will be known in a few seconds, according to the same signs – two bands – “yes”, one – “no”.

The sampler of the electronic test is lowered into the urine or substituted under its stream. The results of this test will appear after 3 minutes in the form of a plus sign or the words “pregnant” (pregnant) or “notpregnant” (not pregnant).

When to do a pregnancy test is described in the instructions. It often happens that the second strip is barely visible, which can happen due to the low level of the hCG hormone. Try an extra pregnancy test a few days later.

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