Color pregnancy – what does it mean?

A system of regular menstrual cycles that cancel the course of pregnancy is known to every woman. The onset of “critical” days means the separation of the uterine mucosa, which is not “useful” for the design of the placenta of the future fetus. Normally, this phenomenon has no exceptions and reservations. However, modern experience in monitoring the functioning of the female reproductive system demonstrates the occurrence of false menstruation. As a rule, they happen against the background of a developing pregnancy.

This phenomenon is called – “ color pregnancy ” or ablution of the fetus. Often the regular appearance of menstruation accompanies the entire 4-5-month period of fetal development. As a rule, at the end of the indicated period, pregnancy proceeds as usual. Moreover, a woman can first find out about her situation at a much later date. The occurrence of atypical regular bleeding often indicates the presence of internal pathological processes.

Dangerous causes of “pregnant” menstruation

In some cases, this phenomenon can occur against the background of the development of an ectopic or frozen pregnancy. When confirming the diagnosis, immediate medical attention is needed.

One of the reasons for washing the fetus is called hormonal instability. As a rule, it corresponds to a decrease in progesterone production. In this regard, signs of hyperandrogenism (the development of male features in a woman), which are corrected with the help of specific hormonal drugs, are not uncommon.

The appearance of colored pregnancy is a possible indicator of the presence of acute or chronic inflammatory processes that occur in the uterine cavity (for example, adenomyosis). Similar signs are characteristic in the case of the alleged detachment of the placenta. If symptoms of discharge of parts of the mucous membrane of the fetal egg are detected, a thorough analysis of the threatening activity of this process for the further life of the fetus is necessary. Often, bleeding occurs without harm to the development of pregnancy.  

“Healthy” sources of ablution of the fetus

According to statistics, about twenty percent of all women experience a state of color pregnancy. In some cases, the occurrence of atypical bleeding is not complicated by inflammatory, other pathological processes. The causes of the manifestation of “fetal” menstruation are often called numerous stressful situations, increased uterine tone, excessive physical exertion. Among the provoking factors is a structural feature of the endometrium (loose structure), often due to the presence of a genetic predisposition. In this regard, experts point to a conditionally healthy state of color pregnancy, nevertheless noting the need for its careful monitoring.  

The dangerous condition of “pregnant menstruation” is considered in the presence of concomitant characteristic pain symptoms, heavy bleeding (more than three days), and fever. In this case, an emergency ultrasound diagnosis is prescribed, a blood test with the identification of an indicator of the inflammatory process (ESR). If acute pathological conditions are found that threaten the life and health of the patient, an abortion procedure can be prescribed.

The phenomenon of “color pregnancy” is considered by specialists from the position of “dangerous” and conditionally “healthy” manifestations of the state of the female reproductive system. It is possible to determine the true causes of “pregnant bleeding” only taking into account the assessment of concomitant symptoms, as well as the results of complex analyzes. In the event of signs voiced earlier, urgent consultation of a specialist is necessary.

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